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Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum

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Register today for Staffing Industry Analysts 2014 Executive Forum in San Diego.

Today is the last day to register with early bird pricing for the upcoming Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum, being held March 18-21, 2014, in San Diego.

This year’s keynote speakers include Barry Asin, President of Staffing Industry Analysts; Alan Beaulieu, President/Author/Provacateur of ITR Economics; Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley Business Advisor and Author; and Peter Sheahan, Founder/CEO/Best-selling author of ChangeLabs.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “The Executive Forum is the most prominent annual meeting for CEOs, owners, and senior level executives from all sectors and segments of the staffing industry. This event provides access to the top industry thinkers, leaders, and innovators, a focus on the staffing industry’s strategic issues, developing trends, future opportunities, current challenges, and an unparalleled opportunity for informal, peer networking as well as more formal deal-making.”

Click here to learn more about the 2014 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum. 

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Staffing Experienced Nurses

Expertise Staffing Experienced Nurses

Hiring experienced nurses is priceless.

When staffing your facility it is very important to make sure you have a good nurse to patient ratio, as studies have shown much better patient outcomes with appropriate ratios. This is an issue that bringing in Travel Nurses can help address, keeping your facility fully staffed and avoiding nurse burnout. But beyond simple numbers of staff, it is also important to consider the length and quality of your nurse staff’s experience.

A recent Health Leaders Media article discussed a study done by Patricia A. Hickey, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, Vice President of Cardiovascular and Critical Care Services at Boston Children’s Hospital, which links clinical experience and pediatric patient outcomes. The study was published in the December 2013 Journal of Nursing Administration, and concluded that, “A cut point of 20% RNs or greater with 2 years’ clinical experience or less was determined to significantly affect inpatient mortality.” Data for the study was collected from 38 children’s hospitals.

In a nutshell, the study confirmed that while nurse staffing numbers matter greatly, the experience and education levels of the staff also factor in. So, while some hospital administrations may view older/more experienced nurses as simply more expensive, Hickey tells HLM that actually they are “priceless” when it comes to achieving proper patient care. Hickey went on to tell HLM:

“There is nothing more expensive than turnover… [the hiring process] is far more expensive than the salary that you’re going to pay to a senior nurse, and all nurse leaders know that. I think we now, for the first time, have illustrated why nurses deserve the salaries that they get — because they are saving lives and they are rescuing patients from bad outcomes.”

But Hickey certainly doesn’t mean for her study to cast out brand new nurses; of course nurses must gain experience somehow and all experienced nurses were once new. She advises an active period of support and mentoring for them, meanwhile allowing them to make up no more than 20 percent of a unit’s staff.

The industry standard for Travel Nurses is 2 year clinical experience before they can travel — which, according to Hickey’s study — bodes very well for facilities that staff with Travel Nurses!   

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Healthcare Traveler Names Travelers and Recruiters of the Year

HT Mag Dec 2013 Healthcare Traveler Names Travelers and Recruiters of the YearThis year’s annual listings of Healthcare Traveler magazine’s Travelers and Recruiters of the Year is out now in the publication’s December 2013 issue.

Medical Solutions had two Travelers and two Recruiters named to the list of 2013 winners. While all of our Travelers and Career Consultants are top-notch, we want to give extra recognition to our winners for 2013 — these Travelers and Recruiters are exactly the reason why facilities across the nation trust Medical Solutions with their healthcare staffing needs!

Healthcare Traveler said the Travelers who made their list displayed “flexibility, dependability, loyalty, professionalism, and an adventurous spirit … especially when an assignment isn’t ideal, or workplace circumstances call for a level head.”

We trust all of our Travelers to go out and provide great patient care in every hospital and facility, but this year Quinn Anthony and Marla Preader stood out as the best of the best.

Marla Preader Medical Solutions Healthcare Traveler Names Travelers and Recruiters of the Year


Marla’s Career Consultant, Jake Zoucha said, “Marla is a Traveler that I have developed a strong respect and admiration for over the past year. She’s an excellent nurse that has proven to me that she can come through on the other end with the same positive attitude.” Marla is an RN who specializes in OR.


Quinn Anthony Medical Solutions Healthcare Traveler Names Travelers and Recruiters of the Year


Quinn’s Career Consultant, Jackie Sleddens said, “[Quinn] consistently has a positive attitude and is a great representative of Medical Solutions.” He is an allied healthcare worker in Catherization Lab.

Here is the full list of Travelers of the Year for 2013.

As for our winning Career Consultants for 2013, they embody the spirit of a great recruiter, which Healthcare Traveler defines in part as “a willingness to listen, capacity to empathize, and the desire to help when things get sticky.” Such qualities are hugely important from a facility’s perspective, as a good recruiter can help keep a Traveler on track and keep them doing excellent work within your facility.

Jenifer Lyman MS Healthcare Traveler Names Travelers and Recruiters of the Year


Major kudos to our 2013 winners, Medical Solutions Career Consultants Jenifer Lyman and Jackie Sleddens.


Jackie Sleddens MS3 Healthcare Traveler Names Travelers and Recruiters of the Year


One Traveler called Jenifer, “by far the best Recruiter I have ever worked with,” adding, “She is professional and personal.” Another Traveler called Jackie “a step above the rest” and complimented her super organizational skills. This is Jackie’s third win in as many years!  

Here is the full list of Recruiters of the Year for 2013. 

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Benefits of a Company that Values its Nurses

Happy People Benefits of a Company that Values its Nurses

Working with a company that values its nurses translates to happy, productive Travelers.

When a facility is choosing a travel nurse staffing company there are a lot of factors to consider. You’ll want to look at cost, caliber of staff provided, and how quality complaints are handled, among other factors. One element of a great staffing company that really has a resounding effect is how they treat their nurses.

There are tons of benefits of working with a company that values it nurses. When Travelers are being treated well and appreciated as individuals and not just numbers, they are happier and more invested in their work in your facility.

Because we do care about our nurses and because we also care about providing your facility with the highest quality workers, there are several things we do at Medical Solutions to ensure that we are valuing our nurses and that they know it!

We provide excellent, affordable health insurance options for our Travel Nurses. In 2013, as a result of our Travelers’ feedback we did a huge overhaul of our insurance rates in order to better serve them. Being able to staff Travelers who are pleased with their benefits is a great asset to your facility.  

Medical Solutions Career Consultants care about their Travelers throughout an assignment and make sure they are always there to provide support. It’s business, but it’s also friendship. On your end, this once again ensures happy Travelers who know what to expect from an assignment and benefit from all the support of a great recruiter.

At Medical Solutions we like to shower the nurses we love with love — sending them gifts large and small throughout their affiliation with us. We all know how good it feels to be recognized for doing important work, and a little warm fuzzy can go a long way. We also have a lot of fun via social media with our nurses, and we love to host contests and other fun events for them to participate in. We even launched a new holiday in their honor; celebrating the first annual Travel Nurses Day last October 11, 2013.     

These are just a few of the ways that Medical Solutions values, respects, and provides for our Travel Nurses, but the ways happy nurses can benefit your facility are many!  


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2013 Healthcare Staffing Summit

screen1136x1136 2013 Healthcare Staffing SummitStaffing Industry Analysts is hosting its 2013 Healthcare Staffing Summit October 23-25, in Chicago at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park. The title of this year’s summit is “The Future is Now: Opportunities in a Changing Healthcare Landscape.”

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the horizon for January 2014, many people are curious and interested to see how it will affect healthcare in the United States. Any change brings about uncertainty, but the real goalpost for those linked to the ACA will be navigating the changes will skill and coming out on top. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and healthcare staffing agencies have a particularly vested interest, which is why the summit’s topic is so relevant.

The website for the 2013 Healthcare Staffing Summit reads:

January 2014 is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. The implications of the Affordable Healthcare Act will prove to be daunting for many organizations, and the staffing industry is no exception. As such, the healthcare industry is undergoing fundamental changes; our sessions can help you understand what those changes are and how they will affect healthcare staffing.

Make sure you’ll be able to capitalize on opportunities brought on by:

  • 30 million more insured people
  • How the Act will affect the behavior of healthcare staffing buyers
  • The changing waves of demand for healthcare staffing.”

Some of the keynote topics for the 2013 Healthcare Staffing Summit are: Uncovering the Outlook for Healthcare Staffing, A Look at the Future of Healthcare in America, and Don’t Just Listen to Your Customers … Challenge Them! There will also be a lot of great opportunities for networking and several speakers, moderated discussions groups, and panels that dig deep into the topic at hand.   

For more information on the 2013 Healthcare Staffing Summit, please click here

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Solutions in Healthcare Staffing

Soultion 2 Solutions in Healthcare StaffingHealth Briefs TV recently announced it will air a segment focused on solutions in healthcare staffing this coming fall. The show is slated to be aired on regional and national cable television networks.  

According to the show’s website, it follows and examines “emerging technologies, progressive treatments, revolutionary people, and innovative companies that are all part of the global health industry.” The program, filmed throughout the world, explores niche areas of the medical field, including “research, pharmaceuticals, and alternative therapies, to healthcare providers, insurers, devices, technology, and more.” It is hosted by Terry Bradshaw, former athlete, actor, singer (Bradshaw recorded six country albums!), motivational speaker, author, and master media personality.   

Recognizing the growing trend in healthcare staffing caused by the shortage of RNs and other healthcare professionals, the program will focus on the need for traveling healthcare staff and the industry created by this need. Another big focus will be the ways in which facilities are using traveling temporary staff in tandem with other solutions on healthcare staffing in order to ease the shortage and maintain high quality patient care. 

The show’s focus is on innovation and hospitals and other facilities have certainly evolved and continue to implement innovations when it comes to solutions in healthcare staffing. Facilities are finding travelers to be essential to their continued success. New staffing solutions such as temporary, or locum tenens, healthcare staff are proving to be very important considering both the shortage of qualified workers and the upcoming reform of healthcare.      

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of healthcare staffing? Click here to explore some tools and resources for managing your facility’s staffing needs. You’ll be able to explore some ways to find solutions in healthcare staffing, using the staffing value overview and calculator, the Staffing Points series, a Manager’s Guide to Preventing Nurse Burnout, and more.       

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Hiring the Best Travel Nurses

Hiring the Best Travel Nurses1 Hiring the Best Travel NursesHospitals and facilities depend on travel nurses to perform as competently and professionally as their perm staff, and also to do so seamlessly and with very little on-site training. Hiring the best travel nurses available is very important to maintaining your facility’s good reputation and providing excellent patient care. Like any field, there is a spectrum of skill and experience level, as well as variety in personalities. It is very important to isolate the ways you can ensure that your facility is hiring the best travel nurses to fill your facility’s needs.

What can your staffing agency do to ensure you hire only the most professional, qualified travel nurse staff?

First, it is important to know exactly what you want out of your temporary staff. Determining your specific needs will help you better express them to an agency. A trusted Client Manager will be an amazing help to you when staffing and an important advocate for your facility’s needs.

Your facility can also benefit from working with a trusted agency. At Medical Solutions our team of Career Consultants, Client Managers, and other support staff work diligently through a 28-point screening process to ensure that all of our Travelers are dependable, adaptable, at the top of their professional game. This process validates potential staff in terms of professional status (resume, skills, references, etc.), licensure and certification, education and orientation, background, identification, and health requirements.

Beyond staffing with high quality RNs, we know how important it is that a facility and a Traveler are a good fit for each other. Having the right cultural chemistry and common vision for patient care is essential to a Traveler fitting in well, and ultimately being successful, at a facility. Again, this is something that the right Client Manager will have a keen sense of and be a huge help to you in this area and to fulfill your ultimate goal of hiring the best travel nurses.

Click here to check out full details on Medical Solutions’ 28-point screening process.


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Laws Mandating Nurse Staffing

Nurse Glasses Laws Mandating Nurse StaffingA bill currently going through the paces in the New York state legislature would put in place laws mandating nurse staffing that would require specific staffing ratios.

According to an Associated Press article, it seems that the debate over the bill is causing a bit of a split between nurses and hospitals.

The New York State Nurses Association backs the bill saying that “members at 57 unionized hospitals last year filed 19,292 separate protests of staffing assignments they considered unsafe.” Those in favor of laws mandating nurse staffing believe that requiring one nurse for every two ICU patients and 1-to-4 ratios in medical-surgical units will improve patient experience and care while decreasing deaths and re-admissions. Proponents also believe complaints will plummet and that hospitals will be just fine financially.

On the other hand, New York’s hospitals are against the bill saying it would hinder their ability to be flexible with staff scheduling and that it would cost facilities and nursing homes approximately $3 billion annually. Many facilities believe they can self-police and move staff around as needed to maintain quality patient care. This camp believes service will actually suffer as a result of such legislation because due to the anticipated financial stress services will actually suffer too.

If the bill is successful it would be the second such set of laws mandating nurse staffing. In 1999 California passed legislation setting mandatory nurse staff ratios — although the laws were not implemented until 2004. Both opponents and advocates of the bill use California’s experience to defend their position.

The AP article cites a 2002 study from the Journal of American Medical Association which found that “hospitals with high patient-to-nurse ratios had higher death rates among surgical patients and nursing staff more likely to experience burnout. The study of more than 10,000 nurses and 230,000 patients found that with each additional patient assigned to a nurse, the likelihood of dying within 30 days after admission rose 7 percent.”

But, as Brian Conway, of the Greater New York Hospital Association told the AP the bill would actually work against its own goals costing money, draining resources, and resulting in less support staff.

How do you think laws mandating nurse staffing in your state would affect patient care and finances/resources in your facility?


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Nurse Staffing Policies

Thumbs Up Clock Guy Nurse Staffing PoliciesRefining your facility’s nurse staffing policies can have a resounding positive effect. With strategic staffing policies you have the benefit of happier nurses (less burnout and turnover!) and as a result the ability to achieve a healthier financial bottom line. A big trend in business is companies establishing better use of their resources, something the healthcare industry can greatly benefit from as well.

A recent article, “Revamp Nurse Staffing Policies and Cut Costs,” published at Health Leaders Media, discusses some of the key benefits of re-evaluating your nurse staffing policies and also details some of the helpful changes put into place by the WellStar Health System, which is based in Marietta, Georgia.

The crux of the changes made at WellStar had to do with making sure nurses were working their full set of hours but not regularly exceeding them. Some nurses were cutting shifts short and others were routinely working too many hours. An hour shaved off of a shift here and there can really eat into costs as well as throw the rest of the staff’s rhythm. And on the other hand, of course, nurses working too much overtime can lead directly to burnout. In the words of Goldilocks, they wanted the hours to be juuuuust right — no more, no less. Achieving this balance is instrumental to staff satisfaction.

As discussed in the article, many facilities have begun using scheduling software, which allows administrators to drill down and really get a clear picture of their staffing realities, in order to determine strong and weak areas, what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly why. Once that’s clear, streamlining policies, standardizing shift times, and holding staff accountable can have a big impact when it comes to cutting costs. Communicating any changes in nurse staffing policies to your staff in a direct and positive way is key to making the changes stick and achieving your objective of a happy, efficient, cost-effective workforce.


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Introducing Medical Solutions Advanced Practice

AP Logo Print Small1 300x151 Introducing Medical Solutions Advanced PracticeMedical Solutions is pleased to announce that we have further strengthened our client services with the addition of Medical Solutions Advanced Practice.

This new branch of the Medical Solutions staffing arsenal provides our clients the opportunity to staff their facilities with temporary Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, in addition to the first-rate travel RN staffing we already offer. Let us help you improve your facility’s ratios, fight full-time staff burnout, and maintain quality patient care with the added versatility of locum tenems Advanced Practice professionals.

Visit our Advanced Practice site to learn more about this exciting addition and how you can utilize our services to reach your facility’s goals.


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