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Our top 10 most popular healthcare staffing posts

top healthcare staffing articles Our top 10 most popular healthcare staffing posts

It’s years end coming up soon, so it seems like a good time to look at the most popular posts have been over the past year.

10. How are you dealing with a more diverse nurse population?

This article looked at the results of a nurse population study that had interesting results in relation to the amount of racial, gender and age diversity in the nurse population.

9. Easy ways for nurses to de-stress and avoid burnout

This post discusses an article that lists 22 ways for nurses to de-stress and prevent nurse burnout.

8. Full time nurse labor costs versus travel nurses

In this post we discussed the KPMG study that looked at the overall cost of full-time nurses and discussed their findings.

7. Overtime and hospital staff burnout

This post provides a list of resources to help Nurse Managers spot and respond to nurse staff burnout.

6. Mentoring Programs designed to keep nurses, young and old.

The subject of this post is about the value that putting a mentoring program in place can have on retaining nurses and improving patient care.

5. 14 questions to ask yourself about your nurse recruitment plan

This post lists 14 key questions that hospitals need to ask about their nurse recruitment plan in order to make improvements in their hiring.

4. Phone interview questions to make sure travel nurses will be a cultural fit

The purpose of this post is to list resources that Nurse Managers and Hospital Hiring Managers can use to ensure that the travel nurses they bring in are a good cultural fit at the hospital and in the unit.

3. Evaluating a Healthcare Staffing Company’s Cost

Here we explain the best way for hospitals to compare the costs of travel nursing companies they work with.

2. Build your best nursing unit

In this post we discuss things that Nurse Managers can do during tough economic times to get the most out of their units.

1. Improve your nursing staff morale

This post talks about our 7 Steps to Better Nursing Morale ebook, a poplar handbook we made on how Nurse Managers can improve the morale of nurses in their unit to prevent burnout.

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Resources for dealing with your new nurses

iStock 000008162636XSmall Resources for dealing with your new nursesOne of the biggest challenges a nurse manager faces is how to effectively integrate fresh new nurses into their units in a way that maintains their enthusiasm for nursing and builds upon what they learned in new school to make them the best nurses they can be.

Here are two new articles I ran across this week and both deal with this theme of getting the most out of your new nurses.

The first one is from Strategies for Nurse and deals with teaching new nurse graduates better time management skills.  

The second one is from Health Leader’s Media and focuses on how to onboard your new nurses to improve retention.

What do you think? What are some strategies you use to get the most out of your new nurses?

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