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Solutions in Healthcare Staffing

Health Briefs TV recently announced it will air a segment focused on solutions in healthcare staffing this coming fall. The show is slated to be aired on regional and national cable television networks.

According to the show’s website, it follows and examines “emerging technologies, progressive treatments, revolutionary people, and innovative companies that are all part of the global health industry.” The program, filmed throughout the world, explores niche areas of the medical field, including “research, pharmaceuticals, and alternative therapies, to healthcare providers, insurers, devices, technology, and more.” It is hosted by Terry Bradshaw, former athlete, actor, singer (Bradshaw recorded six country albums!), motivational speaker, author, and master media personality.

Recognizing the growing trend in healthcare staffing caused by the shortage of RNs and other healthcare professionals, the program will focus on the need for traveling healthcare staff and the industry created by this need. Another big focus will be the ways in which facilities are using traveling temporary staff in tandem with other solutions on healthcare staffing in order to ease the shortage and maintain high quality patient care.

The show’s focus is on innovation and hospitals and other facilities have certainly evolved and continue to implement innovations when it comes to solutions in healthcare staffing. Facilities are finding travelers to be essential to their continued success. New staffing solutions such as temporary, or locum tenens, healthcare staff are proving to be very important considering both the shortage of qualified workers and the upcoming reform of healthcare.

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