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Can travel healthcare staff actually save you money?

Last week Jason Lander over at Staffing Robot posted about the “Top 10 reasons to use temporary healthcare professionals.” The list was very thorough, though I did comment that I would add improved patient care and safety to the list. What struck me was the timing of the post. We had just published a white paper and staffing calculator for our client hospitals that addressed many of these same issues, especially the morale of the perm nursing staff and and the hidden cost savings that occur when units are properly staffed.

It looks like there is still a lot of education that still needs done on the value of supplemental staff for hospitals. Although the focus of the white paper was on nursing, many of the same principles apply to allied health professionals like PT/OT, Imaging and Lab techs and therapists. Here is a link to download our nursing staff value calculator and white paper if you are interested.