What is your hospital doing to keep nurses happy?

With the current nurse shortage, it’s no surprise that hospitals should be doing all they can to keep their nurses happy. Maintaining an environment where the nurse wants to work is critical for not only nurse retention, but also patient quality. The overall stress accompanied by an uncomfortable and disrespectful work environment can send nurses …

Solve the nursing shortage by caring for patients?

I just read an article about an initiative in New Jersey led by the New Jersey Hospital Association’s Institute for Quality and Patient Safety, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation aimed at educating and supporting nurses so they can increase the amount of time they spend at with patients and in the process improving their job satisfaction. In turn this should help address the nursing shortage by stopping or at least slowing down the leaving of nurses from the profession.

What can you learn about the patient experience from dolls?

A lot apparently.

In an article about the patient experience from HealthLeaders Media, Gar Crispell, general manager for American Girl, talked about the ways that the American Girl Doll Hospital works to provide a great patient experience for the dolls that visit it and their owners. One thing that the article mentions is their consistency and how they strive to delight with each interaction. If you want to see what that kind of patient experience brings just go to YouTube and look at all the “American Girl Doll back from the hospital videos” are out there. These are little girls who love their dolls and take the time to film and upload a video about it when they get them back.

Gel (Good Experience Live) Conference Promotes the Patient Experience

I posted about this over at TravelNursingBlogs.com too, but thought it would also be worth mentioning here too. The Gel (Good Experience Live) Conference is on Thursday, October 22, 2009 (and optional 2nd day: Fri, Oct 23) in New York City. It brings experts on the patient experience together to put on a series of talks on the patient …