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3 Signs Your Facility Should Switch to an MSP

Do you find yourself caught in a daily balancing act between handling your administrative tasks and caring for your patients? Are you struggling to fill your open jobs with quality candidates? Then an MSP or a managed service provider could be the solution to your staffing challenges. Below, you’ll find the top 3 signs you should switch to an MSP for your healthcare staffing needs.

  1. Candidates consistently fail to meet your facility’s high standards: If your facility is having a hard time finding quality nursing candidates, you’re not alone. Thanks to the nationwide clinician shortage, hospitals everywhere are competing for that elusive, experienced RN. While no one person can single-handedly solve the current nursing talent crisis, it is still possible to find and retain quality candidates. How? A managed service provider, like Medical Solutions Plus, can pre-screen and interview candidates for you based on your Unit Managers’ needs. So, you’ll only see nursing candidates who meet your unique requirements. In addition, optimum job matching creates opportunities to convert temporary staff to permanent employees.


  1. You’re not getting the quantity of candidates you need: In spite of your numerous contacts within the healthcare staffing industry, you’re still struggling to fill your open jobs. Why? Unfortunately, this is a common problem for many healthcare facilities. The truth is several staffing vendors on standby doesn’t necessarily guarantee more candidates. In fact, having more staffing vendors can create an unnecessary layer of administrative complexity to your facility’s hiring process. For example, you might repeatedly receive the same nurse’s resume from several different staffing vendors. In contrast, an MSP eliminates these redundancies while simultaneously extending your talent acquisition reach. You’ll have one point of contact and access to thousands of potential candidates through an MSP’s nationwide database and staffing vendor network.


  1. Your facility has a lengthy time-to-fill rate: Many times, a facility offers a job to an ideal candidate only to discover that the nurse in question has accepted a job elsewhere. Sound familiar? In this job-seeker’s market, your facility’s recruiting speed is vital to securing the best talent in the industry. The right MSP can actually accelerate your hiring process and significantly reduce your time-to-fill rates. Among other things, an MSP can also streamline various workforce processes by providing centralized billing, consolidated reporting, and easier compliance tracking.

The growing demand for clinicians means facility administrators need to consider alternative healthcare staffing solutions. Fortunately, an MSP can handle a multitude of time-consuming administrative tasks for a facility, so that the clinical staff can focus on what matters most: quality patient care. Learn more about how Medical Solutions Plus, a leading MSP, can help your facility today!



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