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Medical Solutions Plus Eliminates Administrative Complexity at UPMC Susquehanna


UPMC Susquehanna is a premier hospital system dedicated to serving the communities of Williamsport and Wellsboro in Pennsylvania. The healthcare system, which includes four hospitals and various off-site clinics, has 342 licensed acute beds, 22 bassinets, 31 licensed psychiatric beds, and 258 skilled nursing beds. UPMC Susquehanna has a national reputation for delivering quality patient care — its Williamsport Regional Medical Center has consistently earned a grade “A” for patient safety from Leapfrog’s Hospital Safety Grade.

The Challenge:

In October of 2016, Susquehanna Health joined forces with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to become UPMC Susquehanna. While the acquisition allowed the hospital system to expand its health care services, it also meant they needed to ramp up their ability to hire experienced clinical staff.

Prior to the expansion, UPMC Susquehanna relied on Medical Solutions and another staffing agency to fulfill its temporary staffing needs, but it wasn’t always ideal.

“We were working with two companies to bring in candidates,” says Jessica Segraves, director of human resources at UPMC Susquehanna. “The processes were different which made it confusing for our team and the nursing teams.”

The Solution:

Medical Solutions Senior Client Manager Darrel Reichenberg, who was cognizant of UPMC Susquehanna’s intricate hiring process, recommended his company’s managed service provider to Jessica. Known as Medical Solutions Plus, the MSP offered UPMC Susquehanna customizable and affordable workforce solutions to fit their specific needs. Since then, the hospital’s human resources team has never looked back.

“Medical Solutions Plus has become part of our staffing plan, and Darrel has done a great job at making sure his services are meeting our unique needs,” says Jessica. “He has always made us a priority.”

The Result:

With Medical Solutions Plus as its strategic staffing partner, UPMC Susquehanna reduced its administrative complexity.

“Medical Solutions Plus is a one-stop shop!” says Jessica. “We no longer need to work with multiple staffing vendors, varying processes, and different expectations. We’ve always received a great number of candidates.”

For UPMC Susquehanna, the decision to partner with Medical Solutions Plus had additional advantages as well. Thanks to MSP’s web-based software platform, Jessica’s team could also centralize all staffing activity throughout the hospital system, which allowed them to better predict future staffing needs. Moreover, the facility’s bill rates remained the same after the transition to Medical Solutions Plus. All these benefits resulted in major cost-saving measures and an overall better patient experience.

“We have been able to minimize overtime hours for our staff which impacts our bottom line and enhances our employee engagement,” says Jessica.  “It also has a great impact on patient satisfaction.”

To learn more about Medical Solutions Plus, visit www.mspl.us today.


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