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Including travelers as a valued part of your healthcare staff

A recent article at HealthLeaders Media discussed the importance of treating travelling healthcare staff members the same as permanent staff. Glendive Medical Center in Montana has bought in to this philosophy and are seeing results.

Prior to this shift in their employee relations, they had struggled to get their travelers to buy in to their methodologies and hospital mission. Since their facility relied heavily on travelers and other temporary contract workers, they realized that they needed to try a different approach if they were going to improve the quality of care. They recognized that they had previously treated their travelers as outsiders.

It was at that point they decided to enhance the relationship with their travelers. This new strategy didn’t require much effort or formal statements. They simply emphasized inclusion. As they state, “make them part of the family.”

Travelers are sometimes viewed as uncommitted due to the fact that they work their 13 week contract and move on to the next assignment. But when it comes down to it, they’re really no different than your permanent staff. They strive to work in an environment where their skills can make a difference and they are treated as a valued part of the staff. Isn’t this what we all look for?