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Nurse retention – how do you make them stay?

In an article I just read, a recent study published in Nursing Economics is discussed. It takes a look at nurse retention. It found that they are more likely to stay committed to their hospital and be satisfied with their jobs if a variety of factors exist.

These factors are really not that earth shattering. They are simply practices any hospital, or company for that matter, should try to have as part of their culture stratgegy.

The factors include:

Supervisory support
Work-group cohesion
Procedural justice (rights are applied universally to all employees)
Promotional opportunities
Collegial nurse/doctor relations

Given the immense benefits of retaining nurses (cost savings from reduced turnover, better patient care, less nurse burnout and consequently leaving the profession) it seems like these would be some simple things hospitals can do. Notice only one was in any way tied to pay or compensation. The rest had to do with giving them respect as professionals and treating them right. That should not really be that hard.

Here is a link to the nurse retention article. What do you think is the easiest of these measures to take at your hospital? Answer in our first Healthcare Staffing Blog poll.

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