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2014 US Healthcare Staffing Growth Assessment

With 2014 in your rearview mirror as you embark into 2015, it can be helpful to look back and examine the trends of the past year to help inform your strategies going forward.

Staffing industry Analysts released its report, “December 2014 US Healthcare Staffing Growth Assessment” on December 31, 2014. The assessment was broken down into sections examining:

  • Supply and demand for healthcare
  • Target markets and skills
  • A profile of healthcare staffing
  • A look at the American healthcare in the future

The overview suggests that, “The current environment for the healthcare staffing market is generally positive, especially in certain pockets such as travel nurse, due to a confluence of favorable drivers.”

One big factor is the products of the Affordable Care Act’s momentum, such as health insurance exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid, both of which have created a higher volume of patients. Medicaid expansion has also cut down on admissions of uninsured patients, which ultimately has the effect of cutting costs for facilities and providing leeway and need to increase staffing levels.

An overall improving economy has unemployment down and more workers using their employer-sponsored healthcare benefits plans to purchase coverage and, in turn, visit facilities and hospitals.

The report reflects that the demand for healthcare workers has grown and continues to grow at a quicker pace than even facilities themselves have anticipated. In this climate, the need to raise staffing levels at the drop of a hat, yet also for sustained periods, has made getting staffing levels right a particularly imperative objective. Temporary and Travel Nurses, as well as other Allied Healthcare Professionals, have been instrumental in filling the need facing by facilities nationwide.

Click here to read Staffing Industry Analysts’ intro to its 2014 US Healthcare Staffing Growth Assessment, as well as the full PDF report.


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