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2016 Healthcare Staffing Summit

Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2016 Healthcare Staffing Summit is just a few weeks away! The annual conference will be held November 8-10, at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The theme of this year’s summit, “New Directions in a New Era” will fittingly focus on the future of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and how the aftermath of the 2016 elections will impact the healthcare staffing industry. According to SIA President Barry Asin, this networking event promises to be exciting because, “we have one candidate who has vowed to extend the ACA, and another who is looking to repeal it.”

If you plan to attend, you can expect to hear from several keynote speakers, including Governor Howard Dean, M.D., and Governor Michael Leavitt. With backgrounds in government and healthcare, both men are uniquely suited to speak to the nation’s political situation and the current challenges facing the healthcare industry.

It’s not too late to register! For more information about the 2016 Healthcare Staffing Summit, click here.

Will you be at this year’s summit? If so, let us know what topics or discussions you are most excited to learn about in the comment section!


Elena Barker

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