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4 Must-Read Articles for Healthcare Providers

2017 promises to be a big year for the healthcare industry. Questions abound over the future of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and the healthcare staffing shortage continues to be a hot-topic issue. Plus, flu cases in the US are on the rise. Want to learn more? Take a look at Healthcare Staffing Blog’s 4 must-read articles for this week.

  1. Trump Meets with Top Healthcare Officials: With President-elect Trump poised to take the White House later this month, many political insiders and healthcare professionals are anxious to know the fate of the ACA. This Washington Post article highlights Trump’s meetings with influential healthcare executives and their hopes for a “replace and repair” approach to Obamacare.


  1. Chicago Nurses Care for Homeless On the Streets: This inspiring Chicago Sun Times article shines a spotlight on the plight of the homeless and the nurses who care for them. Nurses of the Night Ministry in Chicago find that many homeless people often suffer from drug addiction, asthma, and undiagnosed diabetes.


  1. Flu Season is in Full Swing: What You Should Know: Becker’s Hospital Review fills you in on what to expect for this year’s flu season. Spoiler alert: This year’s strain has hit some states and cities harder than others. Want to find out if you’re in a flu hotspot? You can get the full story here.


  1. Healthcare Industry Predictions for 2017: It may be a new year, but the national nurse shortage remains a sore subject for many in the healthcare industry. According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the healthcare staffing crisis is about to get worse in some states. Among other things, this article also predicts that Obamacare won’t get dumped.

As 2017 continues to unfold, stay tuned to Healthcare Staffing Blog to get your latest healthcare staffing news!

As a healthcare professional, what are your predictions for the industry this year?

Elena Barker

Elena Barker is a content copywriter for Medical Solutions, one of the nation's largest Travel Nurse staffing companies. Elena develops and edits content for Healthcare Staffing Blog which covers healthcare staffing industry news and trends.

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