Drive New Patients to Your Hospital with Social Media

Approximately 3,087 social networking accounts are currently ran by hospitals. But why would health care facilities be interested in Facebook or Twitter? Hospitals have found that social media helps them learn what patients, physicians and businesses are saying about their facility. This, in turn, helps them better policies and processes.

The most advantageous social media benefit hospitals recognize is the ability to draw in new patients. Consumers are relying less on word-of-mouth referrals and looking more to social-media channels to choose the kinds of products and services they use—including health care. After seeing this, hospitals have geared a large portion of their marketing to social media campaigns.

Web traffic on the majority of hospital web sites has risen exponentially for those that use social media. Social media impacts nearly 40% of recent hospital or urgent-care center patients with more than half of 25-to-34 year olds reporting they are influenced by it, according to a recent report from Ad-ology.

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