How Does your Facility Rank?

If you could rate your last hospital visit, what score would you give? This isn’t a question you give your patients regularly, but unfortunately they are more than willing to answer without being asked.

There are a growing number of review and social media sites where patients and healthcare staff can rate hospital facilities just like they would rate a restaurant on Urban Spoon. This day and age people want to see reviews for every service they use, and want to tell others how their experiences was.

Have you taken the time to search for reviews on your hospital? The results may surprise you. Don’t let your facility continue to have a bad rap because of a few unhappy patients or staff. Take the time to examine these sites and resolve any disgruntled reviewers issues. Many times after you resolve an issue the reviewer is happy to change their review to a positive one. Don’t let bad reviews be the face of your facility.

Here are a few sites that house hospital reviews:


Travel Nursing Central




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