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Why Working with Firms with Great Recruiters Matters

Blogs and other healthcare staffing resources repeatedly advise Travel Nurses and other temporary healthcare providers that the most important thing they can do for their careers is to find a professional, trustworthy recruiter to help shepherd them through the industry.

For healthcare staffing firms, the flipside of that is obvious: To remain competitive and attract the best talent, you must hire excellent recruiters!

In fact, the 2014 Healthcare Staffing Summit will host a session titled “Recruit, Reward, Retain: The 3 R’s to Support Hiring the Best Recruiters and Retaining Them.”

Obviously, a session like that will provide a ton of insight on the topic, but why is that important to a facility?

To take things one step further, as a facility, you want to make sure that you are working with healthcare staffing companies that hire and retain the best recruiters in the business. Like attracts like, so it stands to reason that the best recruiters and Travelers will flock to the companies that treat them the best. Those are the companies that you want your facilities to be working with!

Furthermore, Travelers are happiest — and, in turn, most effective on the job! — when their personal and professional needs are met.

For example, consider the impact on job performance of a Traveler who was provided excellent company-provided housing versus one who was not and is struggling to remedy their housing misfortune with a non-responsive and/or unprofessional recruiter. The difference is huge! And it will make a huge difference in your facility.

Another reason why an agency’s recruiter quality is so important to a facility is so that everything is as a Traveler was promised. A Traveler can be pretty furious and could potentially direct that towards your hospital’s administration or even other staff members if an unseemly recruiter misrepresents the situation that he or she will be going into.

Facilities understand the importance of quality healthcare Travelers, but it just as important to consider why working with firms with great recruiters matters.


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