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Healthcare Staffing Blog’s “Best of 2018”

2018 was a busy year for healthcare leaders. So, just in case you missed it, here are 10 articles from the Healthcare Staffing Blog in 2018 that we think deserve a second look.

  • Why Culture Fit Matters in Healthcare Staffing: In the scramble to fill open positions, it’s easy to disregard the importance of finding an experienced contingent clinician who is also the right cultural fit for your facility. However, this talent management practice has serious benefits, including a positive care environment, increased employeeretention, and temp-to-perm conversion opportunities.
  • How an MSP Can Alleviate Nurse Manager Burnout: In today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment, even seasoned nurse managers are struggling to keep up with their growing list of responsibilities. This article lays out how you can ensure their workload is sustainable with the help of a managed service provider.
  • How to Convert Your Travel Nurses to Permanent Staff: Wouldn’t it be nice if that awesome Travel Nurse you hired decided to stay on permanently? It happens more often than you think. Learn how you can convert your Travel Nurses to perm staff with these helpful tips.
  • Medical Solutions Plus Recruits Top Talent for UHC: A growing acute care center in Bridgeport, West Virginia needed help recruiting quality contingent clinicians. They teamed up with Medical Solutions Plus and never looked back. Learn more in this detailed case study.
  • Four Ways to Control Contingent Labor Costs: Hospital labor costs are rising amid a national nursing shortage. In response, some healthcare leaders have found that a managed service provider can help control the costs associated with an ever-growing contingent workforce.

Elena Barker

Elena Barker is a professional writer for Medical Solutions, one of the nation's largest travel nurse staffing companies. Elena specializes in writing about the healthcare staffing industry.

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