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Hiring the Best Travel Nurses

Hospitals and facilities depend on travel nurses to perform as competently and professionally as their perm staff, and also to do so seamlessly and with very little on-site training. Hiring the best travel nurses available is very important to maintaining your facility’s good reputation and providing excellent patient care. Like any field, there is a spectrum of skill and experience level, as well as variety in personalities. It is very important to isolate the ways you can ensure that your facility is hiring the best travel nurses to fill your facility’s needs.

What can your staffing agency do to ensure you hire only the most professional, qualified travel nurse staff?

First, it is important to know exactly what you want out of your temporary staff. Determining your specific needs will help you better express them to an agency. A trusted Client Manager will be an amazing help to you when staffing and an important advocate for your facility’s needs.

Your facility can also benefit from working with a trusted agency. At Medical Solutions our team of Career Consultants, Client Managers, and other support staff work diligently through a 28-point screening process to ensure that all of our Travelers are dependable, adaptable, at the top of their professional game. This process validates potential staff in terms of professional status (resume, skills, references, etc.), licensure and certification, education and orientation, background, identification, and health requirements.

Beyond staffing with high quality RNs, we know how important it is that a facility and a Traveler are a good fit for each other. Having the right cultural chemistry and common vision for patient care is essential to a Traveler fitting in well, and ultimately being successful, at a facility. Again, this is something that the right Client Manager will have a keen sense of and be a huge help to you in this area and to fulfill your ultimate goal of hiring the best travel nurses.

Click here to check out full details on Medical Solutions’ 28-point screening process.



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