How to Keep Your Nurses Happy

A recent study by AMN Healthcare surveyed 3,000 RNs showing that while most are happy with their career choice, approximately 30% aren’t happy with their current job.  Seem a little confusing? The survey also reveals that nurses are eager to continue their nursing education in the near future (1-3 years) and approximately 40%  want to pursue an advanced degree.

What does this mean for hospitals? If nurses aren’t happy at work, yet still want to increase their education in the career- it makes sense for nurse managers and leaders to help their employees reach their goals. Helping with tuition reimbursement and conducting onsite educational courses are both ways to help employees reach their educational goals.

With this support, nurses will likely feel more valued and supported at work. It also makes it easier to decide between working for a hospital that has these educational benefits versus ones that do not.

See more on the study here.

Does your facility offer advanced education benefits to your employees?

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