The Nurses of Tomorrow

With the healthcare industry facing an ever-increasing nurse shortage, demand for Travel Nurses is at a 20-year high. With news of the shortage and the role the Travel Nursing industry plays in keeping staffing ratios safe on the frontlines, it’s very important to remember another crucial resource that is waiting in the wings: The nurses of tomorrow!

While Medical Solutions already actively supports continuing education for RNs with an excellent online RN to BSN Academy partnership with Nebraska Methodist College, we are also striving to provide important resources for undergrads, nursing students, and even those who are simply curious about the field of nursing and the option of Travel Nursing.

That’s why we’ve created — a website devoted to providing important industry information and making Travel Nursing accessible to all of the wonderful nurses of tomorrow. We know that it is these, often younger, student nurses who will be making a huge, positive impact in the healthcare industry throughout the coming years.

Armed with the proper resources and information, we believe these are the very individuals who will help facilities nationwide keep their units staffed properly in order to provide the best possible patient care.

Here are some resources available at that can help nursing students prepare for fulfilling Travel Nursing career:

  • A student nurse-focused blog
  • Information about the field of Travel Nursing
  • FAQs
  • Guidance on becoming a Travel Nurse
  • Student nurse scholarship opportunities
  • Info about Medical Solutions’ history, quality, and commitment to social responsibilities

If you know of any nursing students, faculty, or curious individuals who might benefit from this information, please pass it along.

Also, we would love to hear any suggestions you have from a hospital perspective about how we can make the best possible resource for the nurses of tomorrow — and in the long-run, provide the best possible staffing solutions for facilities like yours. Please share any feedback you have in the comments!

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