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Nurses Week 2015 Resource Toolkit

In just a couple of months, National Nurses Week 2015 will be upon us. Celebrated annually, Nurses Week is an excellent opportunity for facilities to help celebrate the important role nurses play in the healthcare system and the huge impact they have in in their patients’ lives.

The American Nurses Association is providing a Nurses Week 2015 resource toolkit for facilities and organizations to use in advance of National Nurses Week, May 6-12. The theme this year is “Ethical Practice, Quality Care.”

The Nurses Week 2015 resource toolkit is full of useful information and tools to help you celebrate the occasion in style and to the greatest effect — as well as to help your facility promote National Nurses Week 2015 within your community and to members of the media.

The Nurses Week 2015 resource toolkit includes:

  • A downloadable Thank You card to share with your nurses, which can be customized to include personalized messages as well as your organization’s logo
  • A downloadable Certificate of Appreciation for your nursing staff
  • A downloadable, customizable Microsoft Outlook OFT email to share
  • A large (2’x 3’) downloadable banner which can be personalized with your logo and printed at a local vendor
  • Downloadable ads in four standard sizes to help advertise the fact that you’re celebrating National Nurses Week 2015
  • Tips for practical, yet creative ways to celebrate throughout the week
  • Tips for working with media in order to inform the public about Nurses Week
  • And much more!

As the ANA knows, it means a lot to nurses that their hard work, long hours, compassion, skill, and self-sacrifice are recognized. Whether you celebrate every day of the week or just say a simple one-time “thank you,” it means a lot to your nurses. Knowing you care enough to recognize their efforts is likely to be reflected in the effort they continue to put into their work at your facility.

Click here to download your Nurses Week 2015 resource toolkit now.

I hope it helps your nursing staff feel honored and leads to an excellent celebration for your organization!


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