Alphabet staffing?

Over at was a great post about emotionally intelligent patient care using DISC personality profiles (Dominant, Influential, Steady, Conscientious). The thought of personality types in a hospital unit is intriguing for a couple of reasons.

The first being the impact on patient care on an individual basis and being able to recognize what your patients are, which Nick Jacobs’ post talks about.

But it is also interesting to look at it from an intra-unit teamwork aspect. When building a team you have two choices, build it by design or build it by chance. I would prefer to build it by design and by evaluating my current staff and their personality types when I hire new staff I can look for someone who not only meets the clinical requirements for the job, but who also rounds out my unit and/or meshes well with our existing strengths and weaknesses. For example, if I were running an imaging unit I may already have a “Conscientious” X-ray tech “Steady” MRI tech and need to round it out with an “Influential” Ultrasound tech.

It is used in other industries and is definitely something that healthcare providers could use to determine the what kind of patient care a nurse may give or the attention to detail of a tech. Here are some good resources that explain how the DISC personality profiles work.

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