Refreshing nursing skills?

A post and comment thread on a great blog over at the HCA West Florida Recruitment Blog  brought up the point about nurses returning to the profession due to the economic recession after time away and their need to take part in “Back to Nursing” type programs to refresh their skills. 

Here are some other nursing articles and resources  I found on this topic:

Career Focus: Refresher Programs Help Nurses Return to Work
RN Refresher Courses at | Nationwide Refresher Course
NurseWeek: You Can Go Home Again

One thing to keep in mind as you look to bring more permanent nurses on that are reentering the workforce, is that if it takes longer than you would like to get them going, but know that they will be worth the time investment, you may want to still look at travel or temporary nursing staff as an interim. Especially considering the quicker orientation time of a travel nurse typically. In fact a travel nurse with their wide range of backgrounds could be very useful in bringing a re-entry nurse up to speed pretty quickly.

Is this something you are seeing at your hospital as well? If so how long is it taking to get them up to speed? What are your thoughts?

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