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Tips for interviewing travel candidates

When you are working with a healthcare staffing company, whether it is a travel nursing company or travel allied health company, it is important to place the proper emphasis on interviewing the travel nursing or therapist candidate. Filling your nursing or unit needs is far too important to start it off with out a great interview process.

For starters the speed in which you get the interview done is very important. The best travel nurses or therapists are always in demand, especially right now when there are not as many jobs for them to choose from and an abundance of candidates for a smaller number of jobs. Remember they still have many companies talking to them and you want to make sure the best candidates do not get away from you and compromise your ability to deliver quality patient care.

Once you have reviewed the resume and decided to interview the travel nurse, therapist, or tech here are some tips to help it go smoother:

Have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, list the skills, personality and moral traits you want in a candidate.

Have a list of questions ready, Use the same one on every interview and develop it as you go.

Take the time to build a good relationship with the travel nurse, therapist, or tech candidate so they feel more comfortable and are able to demonstrate their true qualifications.

Ask open ended and situational questions. Avoid yes/no questions to really see want the travel candidate knows and what they are really like and how they will react in situations they will be faced with.

See if the nurse or allied health candidate has any questions of their own, it is a good sign when they do as it shows someone who has done prior research and was paying attention during the interview.

A succesful interview really comes down to preparation, so do your homework and take the time to get the interview done right the first time. It will save you time and money in the long run if the travel nurse or allied health professionals is not a good fit.

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