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Top 3 Nurse Recruitment Strategies for Hospitals

It’s no secret that the nurse shortage has rocked the healthcare industry in recent years. With a growing elderly population, high levels of retiring nurses, and a shortage of recent graduate nurses, many hospital staff managers are left scratching their heads. Although your hospital can’t change some of the factors that led to this shortage, you do still have the power to recruit quality staff and maintain superior patient care. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here’s are the top 3 nurse recruitment strategies for hospitals:

  1. Create a great hospital culture: Your current nurses can be one of your best resources to attract new talent. If your employees love working for your hospital, then they will tell other nurses. Use this word of mouth to your advantage. Create an inspiring work culture at your hospital, and you’ll not only recruit new talent to your staff, but also retain your current nurses. What does that look like? Here are just a few ideas to get you started:
  • Start with appreciation. Nurses work hard and their work deserves recognition. A little recognition goes a long way, and it can be pretty easy to do with week-long, annual events like National Nurses Week. Everyone wants to work where they know they are valued.
  • Hire temporary nurses. Temporary staff, like Travel Nurses or Per Diem Nurses, also help increase staff morale. They can help reduce the amount of stress on permanent staff and prevent burnout. As an added bonus, your patients also receive better care.
  • Combat nurse hazing. Nurse bullying has been a hot topic lately in the healthcare field. With a strong anti-bullying policy in place, you can prevent this kind of culture at your hospital. Strong leadership is key, so you’ll have to hold employees accountable when necessary.
  1. Offer Professional Development: Cushy benefits packages are great incentives to offer nurses, but they aren’t always everything. Some nurses are willing to work for less if your hospital offers professional development. Ongoing training allows your nursing staff the opportunity to sharpen their skills and provides a path to advancement within the hospital system.
  1. Revise your hiring practices: As a healthcare staffing manager, you want to hire the right people for the right job. Sounds simple in theory, but it can be hard to execute in reality. You might want to consider hiring Travel Nurses, or better yet, a healthcare staffing agency. Medical Solutions, one of the nation’s leading Travel Nurse staffing companies, has a MSP division known as Medical Solutions Plus. Medical Solutions Plus will handle the tedious hiring process for you and solve your nurse shortage with high quality short-term contract nurses. Medical Solutions Plus’ Multi-Point Screening Process will also ensure that your hospital has only the crème de la crème of recruits.

When all is said and done, you want your hospital to have a well-functioning staff and provide quality patient care. Even in this era of dramatic nurse shortages, you can stay ahead of the staffing curve. Just follow the above top 3 nurse recruitment strategies for hospitals, and you’ll be on your way!


Elena Barker

Elena Barker is a professional writer for Medical Solutions, one of the nation's largest travel nurse staffing companies. Elena specializes in writing about the healthcare staffing industry.

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