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Top 5 Trends Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

A recent Healthcare Finance News article highlighted the findings from a PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute study, which included the top 5 trends reshaping the healthcare industry today. We’ve listed them here for your reading pleasure:

  1. A Shift from Volume to Value-Based Care: The healthcare industry is transitioning to a value-based care method, where patients are provided with a continuation of care across the healthcare system. According to Healthcare Finance News this trend will “have an immediate impact on the healthcare industry.”
  1. Wellness and Health Management: The HRI study found that our healthcare system is also moving toward an emphasis on wellness and prevention, which allows patients to be more active participants in their own care. The popularity of Fitbits, shifts in the American diet, and even employer-driven wellness programs are all examples of this movement in action, according to Healthcare Finance News.
  1. Consumerism: Patients are now acting more like consumers as they shop around for healthcare providers. The study also noted that this trend can lead to revenue growth in the industry as consumers are steered toward more convenient and more efficient healthcare options.
  1. System decentralization: More patients are now seeking virtual care, remote patient monitoring, and visiting retail clinics in higher numbers.
  1. Technological advances and digitization: The HRI reported that 3-D printing, machine learning, and the use of digital health data will likely help advance the healthcare industry to be more efficient and effective in the long run.

Click here to read the full article from Healthcare Finance News.


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