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9 Easy Ways to Welcome Travel Nurses to Your Unit

Daily life in a hospital unit can be busy and hectic, especially one in need of temporary staff, but one of the best ways to get the most out of the travel nurses that come to work for you is make them feel welcomed.

They are there to help you and your staff so why not do a few things to celebrate them. We are not talking a party here (but hey, who doesn’t love a party), but just some simple steps you can take to show them you are glad they are there.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Give them a small gift on their first day
  2. Make a welcome sign they see when they walk in on their first day
  3. Set them up with a travel nurse buddy
  4. Have some of the team take them to lunch
  5. Check in with them a couple times during the day
  6. Give them a list of the best places to eat in the area for lunch
  7. Give them a guidebook to your city
  8. Plan a night out with the team
  9. Have a breakfast/snack reception

What about in your unit? What things do you do when a new travel nurse, or perm nurse for that matter, start in your unit?

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