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Yelp Reviews Can Help You Find Better Healthcare

Forget about HCAPHS scores. Yelp, the website famous for its restaurant reviews, also allows patients to rate hospitals. And that’s not all. According to a research paper from the Manhattan Institute, Yelp reviews can actually help guide patients to higher-quality hospitals.

Researchers from the Manhattan Institute compared Yelp ratings of acute care hospitals in New York with objective measures of hospital quality, using data pulled from various sources.

The study’s results revealed that hospitals with higher Yelp star ratings had lower readmission rates. However, authors Paul Howard, PhD, director of health policy at Manhattan Institute, and Yevgeniy Feyman, adjunct fellow at the institute, cautioned relying on Yelp exclusively for healthcare decisions.

“[W]hen people can choose where they will obtain care — as do patients with traditional Medicare coverage for elective or planned surgeries, or when consumers can choose among insurance options — Yelp ratings can provide a helpful guide,” they wrote.

You can read the full paper, “Yelp for Health: Using the Wisdom of Crowds to Find High-Quality Hospitals,” here.


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