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3 Great Articles for Nurse Managers: 10-29-2010

three pool ballsIn this edition of 3 Great Articles for Nurse Managers we look at improvements.  Improvements in you as a manager, your teams processes and your patient hand-offs.

Top 10 Traits of an Effective Nurse Manager

If you want to be a better nurse manager then makes sure you check out these characteristics of an effective nurse manager collected by asking nurses themselves what makes their bosses great.  

Is it necessary for my facility to have a process improvement team before it will see significant beneficial results in my facility’s quality improvement processes?

This article gives clear advice on why using teams of front-line nurses to improve your hospitals processes instead of relying management to come up with them.

Joint Commission works with hospitals to improve patient hand-offs
Some of the nation’s leading hospitals are working with the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare to develop innovative way to eliminate provider miscommunication during patient turnovers (these miscommunications are responsible for about 80% of serious medical errors). See what you and your hospital can start doing now.

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