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How to avoid being oversold on a travel nurse

Retro TV CommercialOne common complaint that hospitals tend to have with travel nursing companies is the “salesman” approach.

What does that mean?

It is what occurs when a travel nursing recruiter or client manager over-promises on a nurse’s fit for the position and the nurse does not live up to the expectations.

Unfortunately, once this happens with one or two companies it is easy to believe that this is what all companies will do.

Trusting that a travel nursing company is going to deliver quality candidates is vitally important to ensure good patient care at your hospital. This is particularly true if using travelers is part of your staffing strategy on a regular basis. So if this is your experience, here are some previous posts I have written that will give you some more background on and help you do more research into the  process that the companies use to evaluate the qualifications of their travelers and what they do to determine they are a good fit at your hospital.

 What has your experience been?


Medical Solutions

My name is Jeff Long. I’m the Marketing Manager at Medical Solutions, one of the leading travel nursing companies. I have never been a nurse and am not a recruiter. I have worked at Medical Solutions for five years and think it is a great company that has a lot to offer nurses and allied health professionals interested in a travel career and the hospitals that staff them.

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