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Brave Video Highlights Amazing Staff

The commendable staff of nurses, administrators, and others, University of Minnesota’s Amplatz Children’s Hospital put out and awesome video cover of Sara Bareilles’ song ‘Brave.” Young patients also got in on the action in this heartwarming and inspiring video. I’d recommend grabbing a box of Kleenex before viewing.

Any hospital would be so blessed and honored to have staff like those who conceived of and created this video. The sentiment behind it really shows off a great bunch of staff, patients, and an overall amazing hospital culture.

Bareilles was so inspired by the video that she said in an HLN interview, “I was sent this video by a friend of a friend who lives in Minnesota, and I watched it late at night and immediately my eyes welled up. It’s moment like this that reminds me of the importance of music, and I can’t think of a more perfect incarnation of this song. It’s exactly the kind of thing that gives the life to this song that we were hoping for.”

Check out this clip of Bareilles surprising some of the video’s creators.

What does your facility do to inspire this kind of culture and dedication from your staff, whether perm or temporary?



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