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Right now having a full and consistent nursing staff has probably never been easier, thanks to the current economic drivers masking over the nursing shortage you are probably seeing the benefit being nurses that are more than willing to pick up an extra shift, great older nurses are hanging around a little longer and your internal float pool is overflowing. The challenge now is to manage that situation and take full advantage of the opportunities it gives you and your hospital to address some areas that normally cause nurse turnover and burnout. Some things you can do to fully utilize this time are:

  • Improve your nurse retention efforts
  • Develop future nursing leaders
  • Evaluate unit processes and build teamwork among nurses
  • Improve as a nursing leader
  • Put more recognition efforts in place
  • Improve the participation of the nurses in your units in the decision-making  process
  • Find ways to establish professional growth opportunities
  • None of these initiatives have to cost a lot of money if they are done with some imagination. Here are some resources for each area:

Improve your nurse retention efforts
Use mentors to improve nurse retention
Improve Your Nurse Retention With The LifeWings Program
Improving Nurse Retention in Jordanian Public Hospitals: Discussion

Develop future nursing leaders
Attributes and Competencies Needed by Future Nurse Leaders and Managers*
Transformational Nursing Leadership
Developing Future Nursing Leaders for Today’s Nurse Leader:  What are my responsibilities?

Evaluate unit processes and Build teamwork among nurses
Building Blocks of Teamwork
Effective strategies can reduce turnover rates, improve group cohesion and nurse satisfaction
Quality work environments for nurse and patient safety
Building a Collaborative Nursing Practice to Promote Patient Education: An Inpatient and Outpatient Partnership

Improve yourself as a nursing leader
Nursing leadership
Leadership and nursing care management
What leadership styles should senior nurses develop?

 Put more recognition efforts in place
Ways to Reward Employees (Without Spending a Dime)
10 No-Cost Ways to Recognize Employees
Five Tips for Effective Employee Recognition: How to Reward, Recognize, Award, and Thank People Successfully 

Improve the participation of the nurses in your units in the decision-making process
Nurses Transform Unwieldy Decision-Making, Go Back to Bedside
Barriers to effective clinical decision making in nursing
Evidenced Based Nursing

Find ways to establish professional growth opportunities
National Nursing Staff Development Organization 
Staff development nursing secrets

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