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Ethics Webinar for Nurse Leaders

In keeping with the American Nurses Association’s pronouncement of 2015 as “The Year of Ethics,” the ANA is offering a webinar entitled “Ethical Challenges Facing Nursing Leaders: Your Path to Success.”

The objectives for the webinar are:

  • Outlining ethical challenges healthcare/nursing leaders face today
  • Teaching how to “leverage the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses to identify and address elements of safety, quality, and patient care delivery in nursing”
  • Advising on how to foster and manage an ethical culture for nursing practices

This ethics webinar for nurse leaders will be offered Wednesday, November 4, 2015, from 1-2 p.m. EST and does offer one contact hour for successful completion.

Hospital leaders and nursing leaders can greatly benefit their culture and the experience of their staff and patients by paying attention to in-house ethical practices.

Click here to learn more about this ethics webinar for nurse leaders and/or to register yourself or your team members.


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