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Halloween in the Hospital

A recent post from Staffing Industry Analysts’ The Staffing Stream discusses risks associated with celebrating Halloween at the office, or, in the case of healthcare, at the facility or hospital.

When it comes to planning and executing Halloween in the hospital or other healthcare facility, what should administrators and management consider to make sure everything goes well?

Here are some tips inspired by The Staffing Stream and other ideas on how to best celebrate Halloween in the hospital:

Do Have a Some Kind of Celebration

Whether it’s a party, letting people wear costumes, buying candy or lunch for the unit, or whatever — do something to recognize that it is a holiday. It’s really good for your facility culture and staff morale to do something special to enjoy the day.

Don’t Insist on Participation

Make both attendance of any gatherings and wearing a costume voluntary. None of your staff should feel forced into the experience or participating in something they may not care for or believe in.

Do Insist on Safe Costumes

Be sure to communicate that professionalism and dress code don’t necessarily take a holiday just because it’s a holiday. This will help lower the possibility of inappropriate costumes, inappropriate remarks, and other such issues that could blow up into major problems. This is also key in a hospital in terms of patient safety — you want to avoid any costumes or celebrations that could endanger patients or exacerbate a condition.

Do Have a Clear Idea

Your best defense against any issues is to attempt to anticipate and interrupt them. Make sure to have a clear idea — and to communicate it to all employees — of how things will unfold on Halloween. Try to think through how things might unfold and recall any issues from past events in order to achieve this.

Do Communicate with Your Staff

As mentioned above, be sure to communicate thoroughly with all staff. Make sure they are well aware of all information regarding a celebration, as well as their employer’s expectations of them.

We hope these tips will help all involved enjoy a very happy Halloween in the hospital!


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