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Health Leaders Media’s Christmas Wish List for U.S. Healthcare

Senior Editor John Commins made a list and checked it twice last week when he wrote Health Leaders Media’s Christmas Wish for U.S. Healthcare, which he opens by saying:

“This well-reasoned manifesto makes the case for an end to unfair billing practices, no more ICD-10 delays, and better access to healthcare for all. In the spirit of the holidays, here is my wish list for the coming year.”

Here’s a quick look at the items on Health Leaders Media’s Christmas Wish List for U.S. Healthcare:

  • For Physicians — Find a Permanent Fix to the Sustainable Growth Rate
  • For the Poor — Expand Medicaid in Every State
  • For Hospitals and Public Health Policy — Implement ICD-10 with No More Delays
  • For Consumers — Eliminate Drive-by Doctoring, Balance Billing
  • For Veterans — Eliminate or Greatly Reduce Care Wait Times at the VA
  • For Insurers — Reject the Latest Challenge to the PPACA

Regarding the item for hospitals and public health policy, a wish to implement ICD-10 without further delay, Commins says that there’s really no valid argument against ICD-10 implementation and makes a call to “move diagnostic coding into the 21st century.”

The U.S. has the biggest spend on healthcare in the industrialized world, he writes, yet we remain the only industrialized country still using the coding set, ICD-9, which was established in the 1970s. While acknowledging the speed bump implementation may present, Commins argues that ICD-10 has been no surprise and that the data offered by ICD-10 is needed to “help identify best practices, and track treatment regimes, procedures, outcomes, quality, cost, redundancy, and fraud.”

“These delays are unfair to the people, hospitals, and other institutions who assumed the implementation dates would be met and who acted appropriately and prepared. Hospitals are spending billions to operate dual systems because of the delay,” writes Commins.

Click here to read Health Leaders Media’s Christmas wish list for U.S. healthcare in its entirety.

What do you think of the list? Is there anything else you’d add?


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