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Keeping your nurse and therapists happy

During this economic crunch it is important to remember that along with keeping patient satisfaction high, it is also important to treat your own staff great too.

When you are making staffing decisions for your hospital, the way the new nurse, either permanent or a traveler, meshes with the rest of your nursing staff and internal culture is huge. As a Unit Manager or HR Manager, making sure the new staff coming in has the same core values as your hospital will be very important to the overall morale of your nursing and allied health staffs.

And this directly impacts your patients and their families. Repeatedly studies have shown that hospitals with satisfied nurses and allied health professionals and that are adequately staffed provide the best care. Are you looking at a healthcare staffing company’s values when you decide to work with them? If not with the current economy this is the time to start.

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  1. You bring up a point regarding hiring that often gets overlooked. When doing hiring, you must make sure that the new employees will be able to work well with the healthcare veterans. This will give you more time to focus on other issues that aren’t related to internal worker strife.

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