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How to Boost Patient Numbers

You have a great facility and you work hard to staff it well and maintain its safety and quality of patient care. But how do you attract a broad, healthy patient base? Of course, there will always be a need for healthcare and a market for patients who need it, but how can your facility really stand out amongst all of the other hospitals?

Some Tips on How to Boost Patient Numbers:

  • Get social! These days it’s easier than ever to market your facility with ease. Social media is an inexpensive means for visibility and lets you connect with your patient base in a friendly, organic setting. Beyond using pages on Twitter and/or Facebook to connect, once you have amassed enough followers (100 likes on Facebook or 20 Twitter followers) you can look into the option of promoting your account and/or creating paid ads.
  • Take your campaign to email! Today’s email marketing campaigns are very successful and there are a variety of ways to use it to help boost patient numbers for your facility. Start building your mailing list (social media can help with this too if you run a complementary campaign) and then create great content.
  • Most importantly, continue to offer great patient care and a great workplace for your staff. The nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals that staff your hospital are the face of it. Patients will remember their experiences with your staff and they will usually tell their friends how it went. A particularly good or bad experience can have a pretty considerable impact on public opinion of your facility.

Check out this great blog post on specifically low-cost ways and tips on how to boost patient numbers. It goes in depth on social media and email marketing use as well as some tips on how to use Google AdWords and directory listings to your advantage when looking for new ways to boost your patient intake.

We hope these tips will help you practice how to boost patient numbers for your facility! Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips to share.



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