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Hospitals for the Holidays

As Americans celebrate the holiday season there is no shortage of chances for charity and opportunities to help one’s fellow human. People are more likely than ever during the holidays to volunteer their time, donate money or food to organizations that work to help those in need, and in general be kinder to others and themselves.

An article by HealthLeaders Media today detailed several organizations that “have used holiday cheer to make a positive impact on their communities.” Here are some of the facilities’ actions and projects that are detailed in the HLM piece:

  • New Lenox, Illinois’s Silver Cross Hospital partnered with a local mall for I Matter, a program that offers shoppers savings for “taking an active role in their preventative care.” Members get a welcome gift paired with info on how to schedule certain screenings. Mall retailers then offer discounts to those who get mammography or a heart screening.
  • In Oregon, Columbia Memorial Hospital and Providence Seaside Hospital are engaging in a friendly food drive campaign and competition. The hospitals arranged several drop-off locations for food to be collected and will abide by a points-based system that assigns values to each donated food item to decide the winner. (Spoiler alert: The whole community really wins with this kind of generosity!) Monetary donations will also be accepted, with each dollar equivalent to 5 points in the contest.
  • CarePoint Health is a three-hospital system in New Jersey that has been encouraging its staff to volunteer at local shelters and food banks. CarePoint also donated $1,000 checks to a handful of food banks.

“This is about CarePoint’s commitment to the community,” Karen Stewart, director of marketing and public relations for CarePoint, was quoted in the HLM article. “These are often the same people the hospital serves.”

Does your facility do anything to promote giving, generosity, and/or health throughout the holiday season? If so, let us know about it in the comments!


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