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How does your hospital grade?

Have you ever wondered what the nurses and allied health professionals working for you thought of your unit, management style or hospital. Thanks to a new website called NurseRatings.org you may be able to find out. The site is very new and as of yet I have not seen any ratings take place, but I think that it is only a matter of time before traffic picks up for it (I have seen a fairly aggressive advertising campaign for it using Google). When it does, you will have two choices ignore what people say about your hospital or see it as a chance to make some real improvements.

Currently the site lets users rank anonymously on the following areas:

  • Doctor to Nurse Relationship
  • Nurse to Nurse Relationship
  • Pay
  • Location
  • Nurse Management
  • Professional Development
  • There are a couple of sites that are for patient ratings like, HealthGrades.com and Medicare.gov – Hospital Compare, but this site is a different approach to improving your patient care from the ground up. If all the areas are above are taken care of then there should inherently be good patient care going on at your hospital. I would be surprised if a hospital rated well on NurseRatings.org, but poorly on HealthGrades.com for instance.

    Also, from a recruiting the best nursing staff standpoint, this site could be very beneficial or harmful. Seeing the feedback nurses are giving your hospital and making adjustments when appropriate is a great way to improve your overall nursing and allied health recruiting efforts.

    Check the site out in a couple of months, I think you will see that there are plenty of ratings on it and some very useful information for all nursing and allied health unit managers, hospital staffing managers and hospital c-level decision makers to look at.

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