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Resources for retaining your nurses with humor

nurse laughing When you are a nurse unit manager you know that the ability to retain the nurses you have goes a long way towards making your job easier. It is easier to maintain unit continuity and cohesiveness.

One key to nurse retention is the morale of your nurses. However, there are things about the morale of your unit you can control and things you can’t. Things like your budget, staff numbers and patient levels are unfortunately things that you are responsible for, but don’t have complete control over, which of course is a stressful situation to be in.

The key is to not let the things you don’t have control over negatively affect the things you do, like the patient care your nurses deliver, the experience patients’ families have and of course your staffs morale. And one of the  best ways to improve all three of those areas is through humor; both having a good sense of humor yourself and promoting it and cultivating a culture of it in your staff.

Here are some great resources for helping you encourage laughter in your unit.


Medical Solutions

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