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Great Blog for Nurse Managers

On the Healthcare Staffing Blog we do our best to provide helpful information for hospital administration, nurse managers, and others in healthcare at hospitals.

Some of the topics we have covered include:

  • Healthcare quality issues
  • News and research about safe staffing levels, including information about demand for Travel Nurses
  • Movers and shakers in the healthcare industry
  • Quality concerns and how they affect patient care
  • Previews and save the dates for conferences, forums, and webinars that will help you succeed at work
  • Top hospitals and other related rankings
  • Holidays — from Nurses Week to Halloween — and how you can celebrate
  • Updates on the ever-growing nursing shortage
  • News about the Affordable Care Act and other legislation that affects your business
  • Tips for helping avoid nurse burnout
  • The increasing relevance of BSNs and how they can save your facility money
  • And all kinds of other information and entertaining tidbits relating to your important work as a healthcare professional!

A lot of the information shared on the Healthcare Staffing Blog is aggregated from various other news sources in an effort to compile all of the best, most relevant and helpful information for you.

One of the blogs that we use a resource is HC Pro’s The Leaders’ Lounge, a nursing blog from strategiesfornursemanagers.com. This blog is chock full of all kinds of great information that will help make your life easier and help you achieve success and your facility provide excellent patient. To check out this great blog for nurse managers, click here.

What are some other resources you like to follow? Share your favorites in the comments.

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