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Mentoring Programs designed to keep nurses, young and old.

Among the many attempts at easing the nursing shortage, there is one that is having a very positive affect. Hospitals all across the country are introducing a mentor program which is aimed at retaining the current or seasoned nurses while easing new hires into the workforce.

The mentor is paired with a new nurse or new hire and provides them with real world practice, advice and counseling. This is a great way to make new nurses feel welcome and at ease while building their confidence to handle the workload and at the same time giving some relief to the veterans and encouragement to stay longer. For both the overall goal is to give them enhanced job enrichment.

It is important that mentors understand that their role is to teach, coach, and share wisdom; to listen and advise; to help increase motivation and job satisfaction; and to provide clinical expertise.The expectations of the mentee, on the other hand, are to be genuinely committed to the opportunity, and to be open-minded and open to feedback, recognizing that they don’t have all the answers.
Your nurses are an investment and what better way to gain from that then by providing them with the opportunity to show you value them and the important work they do day in and day out.

For more information on mentor programs visit: Mastering Nurse Mentoring

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