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Nursing Shortage Increases

AMN Healthcare Inc. recently released its 2013 Clinical Workforce Survey — “A National Survey of Hospital Executives Examining Clinical Workforce Issue in the Era of Health Reform.” The results indicate a continued trend in the direction of a nursing shortage, an issue that Travel Nurses help address. The indication was that the vacancy rate for nurses at hospitals is at 17 percent, much higher than when this data was collected in 2009.

AMN president and chief executive officer Susan Salka spoke recently with Healthcare Traveler magazine about the survey.

“Change in healthcare is a continuous evolution, but the one constant is people,” she told Healthcare Traveler. “No matter what models of care are in place, it takes physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to provide quality patient care, and the fact is we simply do not have enough of them.”

According to the article, “More than 70 percent (of hospital executives and leaders surveyed) rated the staffing of nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants as a high priority in 2013, compared to only 24 percent of hospital executives who rated staffing these professionals as a high priority in AMN Healthcare’s 2009 workforce survey.”

The survey also said that the hospital vacancy rates of clinical professionals had risen since 2009. In 2009 nurse vacancies were reported at 5.5 percent, whereas in 2013 they were reported as having risen to 17 percent. The allied professional vacancy rate rose from 4.6 percent in 2009 to 13.3 percent in 2013.

Salka also told Healthcare Traveler magazine: “We are expanding access to healthcare and restructuring the delivery system to improve quality and reduce costs at the precise moment when a wave of physicians and nurses is set to retire. It will take new, collaborative, and innovative staffing models to ensure our workforce is aligned with the goals we all want to reach.”

Travel Nursing will certainly continue to be a huge part of easing the nursing shortage and helping facilities continue to provide excellent patient care. Click here to check out the Travel Nursing services Medical Solutions offers to many facilities across the nation.


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