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What can you learn about the patient experience from dolls?

A lot apparently.

In an article about the patient experience from HealthLeaders Media, Gar Crispell, general manager for American Girl, talked about the ways that the American Girl Doll Hospital works to provide a great patient experience for the dolls  that visit it and their owners. One thing that the article mentions is their consistency and how they strive to delight with each interaction. If you want to see what that kind of patient experience brings just go to YouTube and look at all the “American Girl Doll back from the hospital videos” are out there. These are little girls who love their dolls and take the time to film and upload a video about it when they get them back.

Here is a video of a little girl as she gets one of her dolls back from the hospital. Imagine if your patients and their family’s got that excited about their stay with you.


And here is a blog post from the mom of a little girl whose doll visited the American Girl Doll Hospital, read it and the comments and you will see what their focus on patient experience can do.

The people at the American Girl Doll Hospital are able to do this without knowing a lot about their patients. But as nurses and nurse managers who have the ability to talk to and learn about your patients your job should be much easier. Great patient experience only comes from one place. The hospital staff and most often those on the front line of providing that experience are nurses. And the happier the nurses the better the patient experience. So as a nurse manager what are you doing to help make your nurses happy and teach them to pass that on to your hospital’s patients?

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