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Work life balance for nurse managers: Get better work-home life balance

In the first part of this series we addressed your mental / spiritual well being in regards to keeping your life as a nurse manager in balance. In this posting we will try to give you some resources to help you with the balance between work and home.

Maintaining the balance between work and home can take many forms:

  • You may be a workaholic who is addicted to the rush of work and taking care of patients, or feels that she can never do enough
  • You may be in a situation where you are working more than you want to (and have no choice really) and feel guilty about it
  • Or, you may be just a little unorganized and need to streamline some things to get your life back in order

Whatever the case is, the stress can be very real and as you know stress can lead to poor health. I recently heard someone describe this situation as “our priorities don’t match our responsibilities” and I would say that pretty much hits the nail on the head. Finding a way to line these two up may not make you less busy, but it does feel good knowing that what you are spending your time doing is what you should be doing.

In addition, your role as caregivers and/or managing caregivers will pretty much automatically guarantee you higher work stress than others; making a solid home life crucial. So here are some resources I found for you:

40 Mom-Tested Tips for Balancing Work and Family
Six Ways To Balance Work And Family Life
Balance Work and Family- Working Mother Magazine
The Juggle – WSJ
BlueSuitMom.com: Balancing Act

Overall the advice is fairly simple sounding, things like accepting help, delegating, guarding your private time, planning times to spend together, etc. but they are all probably a little harder to implement. But sometimes just having the ideas in your head can be enough to get you started and remember, they say it takes 21 days to turn a behavior into a habit. Do you have 3 weeks to create a better work / home balance?

2 thoughts on “Work life balance for nurse managers: Get better work-home life balance

  1. Yes, it really is a challenge to minimize stress in our lives when we’re juggling so many roles. One thing that works for me is my 555 process. Whenever I’m feeling irritated or overwhelmed by a person or situation, I try to pause and ask myself whether it will matter 5 minutes from now. If the answer is no, then I can easily let it go. If yes, I then go through the same process with 5 months from now and then 5 years from now. Rarely, does anything make it to that point. Just going through this process helps me to put the situation and my life back in balance and perspective.
    Renee Ludwigs
    Palm Canyon Wellness Group
    “Helping healthcare professionals lead more exhilarated lives.”

  2. Sometimes I think we are just wired to create stress. I get into situations where I start to feel the stress building up and I have to take a step back and realize that alot of the stress is being created by me.

    The 555 process renee talks about sounds like it might work. I’ll give it a try.

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