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How to evaluate a traveler's resume

When you are receiving 30-40 resumes for any open travel nursing or travel allied health position need that your hospital has it is imperative that you are able to quickly and accurately assess the talent and qualifications of the candidate. Hiring the wrong candidate or even wasting your valuable time talking to the wrong travel nurse or therapist can be a big drain on your hospitals resources. One of the best ways to do avoid this scenario is through a thorough but efficient look at the travel healthcare candidates resume. Here are some quick tips to help you do just that:

Have a plan. First look at skills, then the unit worked in, then experience.
Look for job relevance and make sure that the travel nursing or therapist candidate meets the minimum requirements for the job.
Try to picture the applicant in the nursing or allied health position and interacting with your current hospital staff.
Avoid making assumptions, if anything looks irregular on the traveler’s resume; make sure to follow up with the travel staffing company or the candidate during the interview.
Look for gaps in work history any sort of vagueness, this will help you avoid a nurse or therapists who may be hiding something.
Ignore disclosed information that may cause you to subconsciously discriminate against a candidate.

Hopefully following these quick tips will help you bring the most qualified and talented healthcare providers to your hospital.

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