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How Facilities are Celebrating Nurses Week 2014

Nurses are a crucial part of a hospital, and once a year, from May 6-12, we celebrate nurses’ hard work and importance in healthcare with Nurses Week.

This national celebration ends on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, and is an excellent time and way for facilities to show their staff of nursing professionals how much they care. Even a small gesture during Nurses Week can mean a lot to your nurse staff!

A Health Leaders Media article “How 5 Top Hospitals Are Observing Nurses Week” showcased a lot of great ways a facility can honor its nurses. Here are some ways that a few top facilities are celebrating Nurses Week 2014:

Cleveland Clinic in Ohio was doing Panera gift cards, a multimedia “thank you” campaign for nurses, personalized eCards, free breakfast/lunch/dinner and dessert to units on all shifts, an awards ceremony, discounted Major League Baseball tickets, and more.

In Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Hospital offered its nurse staff free tickets and transportation to the premiere of The American Nurse: Healing America, a documentary which actually stars one of their own, a big bullpen party and ballgame, and the Tenth Annual Hopkins Nursing Charity Golf Outing on May 12.

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is hosting a staff nurse breakfast and high tea, as well as a series of cool lectures, awards, and more.

The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is giving all of its nurses a free copy of Arlene Keeling’s new book The Nurses of Mayo Clinic: Caring Healers. Keeling will be on campus offering presentations on the book.

New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was hosting breakfasts and lunches all week long, bringing in a speaker, Mark Lazenby, who will talk about spirituality in palliative and cancer nursing, and more.

No matter what it is, be sure your hospital does something special for your nurses this week — even if it’s just a big, heartfelt THANK YOU. And, you can also direct your nurse staff to join in the fun contests and other cool stuff going on in celebration of Nurses Week over at WeLoveOurNurses.com.        


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